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Our incredible photographer, Guillaume Samama, captured all the highlights of the week: from the competition to our special “Under The Sea” night, excursions (Altea & Sunset Cruise), and even personal portraits. To relive all these fantastic moments, don't miss out and order your pictures now at: 

Besides, all our competition videos are now uploaded thanks to our amazing videographer Guy Boulart! You can access them on the Youtube channel “GOLD 2023 : OLE” or by clicking here:


OLE pictures are now finally available. We encountered many issues with picture editing and truly apologize for such a delay. You can now view all OLE pictures by clicking on the Dropbox link down below.

To receive your pictures FOR FREE without a watermark, please contact Joyce van Mechelen at and write in your email the category & reference numbers (name of the file) of each photo you wish to receive.

Example: "Friday Choreography - DSC_1234"

Our videographer Guy Boulart filmed everything from the OLE GOLD competition as well as evening shows from our choreographers! It is all available and free to watch on his YouTube channel "GOLD 2022: OLE". Click on the button below to relive all those exceptional moments.

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