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Original Line Experience is the first GOLD sanctioned event in Spain. 

The competition will run as part of the OLE event on the 7th – 9th June 2024.  

The past 2 years have been a huge success with more than 100 competitors each year.

To be able to compete you must be a GOLD member.

You can register your membership by clicking here.

By competing at OLE in 2024, you will earn 1 full qualification to dance at the

GOLD World Championships held in Bergen, Norway on the 5th – 8th December 2024.

(As an European you will still need to earn 2 other full qualifications to compete at the World Championships)

If you are planning in competing at OLE you need to fullfill 2 registrations.

1 - OLE registration (on this website fill in the registration form)

2 - Register your dances on the GOLD memberspage (so we know which dances you are competing in)

All GOLD Divisions are offered!

To compete in Mini, Special Heroes & Wheelchair is only 10,- Euros.

Registration Deadline

All competitors must register before midnight on the 15th of May 2024 to be able to compete at

OLE 2024.

Choreography Competition WINNERS

Take the stage at our event, and put your choreography up against others. A panel of experts from the world of line dance will be judging each routine, paying special attention to creativity, technique, and presentation. 

Plus, if you becomer the 1st place overall winner, you'll win the incredible prize of a teaching your dance at OLE 2024. Come, wow us, and maybe even teach at the OLE! 


Please make sure you review the entry requirements and submit your application before the deadline. Good luck! We're looking forward to seeing your impressive choreography.

If you only do the Choreography competition we will only charge you 10,- euros for max. 3 choreos.

You can register 1 dance per level we offer. Don't forget that you need to be a member of GOLD to be able to compete. 

- Beginner

- Improver/Intermediate

- Advanced

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